Create a Laravel Forge account

We use Laravel Forge to provision and deploy our applications. You need to create an individual account later to be added by one of the development team members to our development circle. Thus, you’ll be able to access our servers and sites.

  1. Go to (opens new window) and register with your IxDF email address. Don’t fill out billing but click on "Just Joining A Circle?".
  2. By default, Forge will ask you to connect to a source control and server provider. You can ignore this by clicking "Skip For Now" button under "Just Joining A Circle?" section.
  3. After you created the account, ask your mentor to add you to our "Development Team" circle.
  4. Accept the circle invitation by going to (opens new window).
  5. Then go to (opens new window) and follow instructions to enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).