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IxDF products

Types of products

We have 5 different products here at IxDF:

  • Memberships: Take a look at Our Join Page to understand different types of available memberships on IxDF
  • Bootcamps: Head over to Our Bootcamp Landing Page and read about our various upcoming bootcamp cohorts
  • Courses: We have over 50 courses, ranging from beginner to advanced level, all free with any type of membership. Take a look at Our Courses to see what we offer for free to our members
  • Masterclasses: We're offering two types of Masterclasses, namely webinars and on-demand, we offer both our Visitors & Members the chance to stay up-to-date with bleeding-edge topics in UX design.
  • Template Bundles: Providing dozens of re-usable, time-tested Template Bundles, we give everyone the chance to enhance their UX practices